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M70 - M95

Kodak MSF8, M70, M80, M85, M90 and M95

Repair and Parts information.

Yes, we do service and sell parts for these projectors. As for service, we charge a flat rate of $195 + $30 S&H for "M" series which includes: parts, labor and return shipping (extra shipping outside of the US mainland). Our repairs come with a 6 month warranty. To send your projector in for repair, in most cases UPS will be cheaper than the post office. Please pack it with 2” of padding on all sides and include a check for the appropriate amount or a Visa or MasterCard number.


Ship to: Fargo Enterprises, Inc.
  440 Gateway Plaza Suite F
  Dixon, CA 95620

If you don’t have any training on these projectors no matter what your background is I don’t recommend you attempt the repair yourself. These models can be a real headache to repair even if you know what you’re doing. If you still think you want to attempt this repair yourself, I would highly recommend you buy a paper copy or download a pdf version of the service manual which will be required to get the adjustments and timing correct, plus help eliminate many other potential headaches.


The most common problem with these projectors is that the little plastic gear disintegrates. This gear is molded to the shutter assembly and drives the big gear. The second most common problem is the damping arm gets brittle and breaks; this is the black arm that the film rides over before going into the projector. The third most common problem is the plastic cam bushing disintegrates, this is in-between the big plastic gear and the metal levers. Fourth but not least is the rewind driver breaks; this is a plastic part behind the supply spindle that enables the high speed rewind. All parts are available on-line at  but you will need to measure the diameter of the shaft that the shutter goes on, to get the correct shutter. You can return your old shutter for a core credit of $10.


Common parts (hand made with long lasting Delran)
Part # Description Price
M80-MAN Kodak M70-M95 Projector Repair Manual $29.95
178641 Shutter M70/90.185 $38.00
198574 Shutter M70/90.187 $38.00
178642 Shutter M80/85/95.185 $38.00
198395 Shutter M80/85/95.187 $38.00
181940 Snubber/Damping Arm $25.00
181830 Driver for M series projectors $25.00
186843 Guide Lever $15.00
177874 Kodak Cam Bushing $5.00

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call or email me..