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Sending in a Kodak Projector for Repair

Flat Rate Repair Charge For Kodak Carousel Projectors







Pocket 100/200/300 $125 $30 $155
600/650/650H $120 $30 $150
700 $125


750/750H $135 $30 $165
760/760H $145 $30 $175
800 $150 $30 $180
850/850H/850H Custom $165 $30 $195
860/860H/860H Custom $175 $30 $205
4000/4200 $140 $30 $170
4400/4600 $150 $30 $180
5200/5400 $170 $30 $200
5600 $185 $30 $215
Extagraphic AF/AF-1/-2/-3 $175 $30 $205
Ektagraphic III (All Models) $185 $30 $215


Kodak Movie Projector FLAT Rate Repair Rates:

Kodak M70/80/85/90/95 Movie Projectors   $195 + $30Flat  Return Shipping  $225

Kodak (silent) MovieDeck Movie Projectors  $150 + $30 Return Shipping  $180


All we want and need is the bare bones projector; nothing else please. Sending in the extra items that we do not need for the repair will end up costing you more money to ship the projector to us. We offer a flat rate return shipping charge of $30, if you send in your original projector box and/or a case, that flat rate shipping fee goes up to $50.


  • DO NOT send in the case for your projector
  • DO NOT send in the original box for your projector
  • DO NOT send any slide trays
  • DO NOT send in any lids or dust covers as these are fragile and break sometimes in shipping
  • If your power cord is removable, please do not send it
  • Please remove the projection lens and do not send it
  • Please do not send in any extra lamps
  • Make sure that the leveling feet are not extended


With all this excess removed, wrap your projector in bubble wrap and pack it in a box to ship.


Pre-1981 Kodak Carousel projectors (NOT the wood grain panel versions):

 You may find that the most economical way to ship your projector is in a large

priority mail flat rate box, after it is wrapped in bubble wrap.


Pre-1981 Kodak Carousel Custom models:  These are the ones with wood grain panels. Your projector is fragile, and you need some extra padding when shipping.


Post-1981 Kodak Carousel Slide Projectors:  These are too large and too fragile to ship in a flat rate mail box. The projectors need more protection when shipping.


Kodak M-/70/80/85/90/95 Series Movie Projectors:  Your projector is not very fragile and should be able to be shipped in a large priority mail flat rate box with a little padding.


Kodak MovieDeck Projectors: Your projector is fragile and needs lots of extra padding. Please be sure to remove the top dust cover (if one is on your projector) and do not send it.


PAYMENT: You may include a check with your projector, or we will contact you for payment once we receive your projector. If you include your email address, we can send you a direct link to provide your payment information.


PLEASE include your name and return address along with an email address and phone number.


Ship Your Projector To:

Repair Department
440 Gateway Plaza Ste F
Dixon, CA 95620